About Diann

Diann’s sculptured animations derive from a theatrical
sense of wit. Diann believes laughter reveals what we remember, and sculpts for both her audience and her collectors the stances, the postures, and the attitudes
that make us laugh when watching all living creatures.

A true multi-tasking artist, Diann’s work involves three mediums: clay, oil on canvas, and photography. Each pieceis formed from various clays, kilned, sealed wiht Artzee Liquid Sealer and finished with Bronzee Liquid Finish for a soft patina luster.

Diann has shown her work in the following northwest galleries:
Marni Muir Gallery, Edmonds Washington
Richard Farage Fine Arts
Colors Queen Anne, Seattle

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About Mark

Mark Spangler sculpts with an intuitive emotionl response for all things in nature that are cherished, respected, and remembered.
He earned his degree in art and business at Seattle Pacific University in Washington, and soon after chose oil painting as the medium-on-canvas to express himself.

In his first body of work, Mark created “The Similarities Of Deciduous Trees And Nuclear Explosion.” This promised forth- coming recognition and respect as a landscape artist and for classification as a post neo-modern artist, exerting a twist derived from the Pop Art movement.

Mark applied his academic and artistic foresight into becoming a builder-designer, facilitating space planning and floor design into
homes and businesses in the Northwest, and extending existential enrichment with accomplished art work.

Today, Mark continues his focused treasure, the great outdoors, through sculpted comical realism. His latest sculptings are the stoic “Woodlot” collection, signifying an appreciation of admirable old, old growth timbers, and his hilarious “Ravens” caricature, standing firm and tall and noetic.

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