Bronzee Liquid Finish is a rock hard, weather resistant art medium
that dries to a lustrous patina finish. Created by an artist for artists,
who understand “its all about the finish”!
Bronzee Liquid Finish gives extra color, detail, and texture to all creative projects: air dry clay sculpture, ceramics, clay, fabric, leather, wood, gourds, metal and many other creative projects.
Bronzee Liquid Finish is a Non-Toxic liquid medium ready for use; available in 9 Pearlescent colors.
Pre-sealing with Artzee Liquid Finish is recommended.

How to Use Bronzee Liquid Finish

Step 1 Shake product before use. Choose color(s) Wear protective gloves. Use a flexible brush.

Step 2 Dry brush Technique: Pour Bronzee Liquid Finish onto newspaper, dip brush, wipe back an forth on paper to remove any excess. Apply Bronzee beginning at the edges of your project, working from the outside in.

Step 3 Repeat step 2 until you are satisfied with your project. Let dry completely. For richer results additional colors are recommended

Projects Using Bronzee Liquid Finish