Artzee Liquid Sealer

An all-in-one rock hard weather-resistant art medium that dries to a matte finish with a low luster.

“Artzee” is a sealer, hardener and a finish liquid that can be used on a variety of art and craft projects. This new exciting art medium is excellent for fabric and textile art, air dry clay, ceramic clay, gourd art, meta,l wood, and leather,

Bronzee Liquid Finish

A true one-of-kind art medium that dries to a lustrous patina finish while leaving your creative project rock hard and weather resistant.

Bronzee is a sealer, hardener and a finish liquid, more than a paint the soft metallic finish colors can be layered or combined with Artzee Liquid Sealer offers the artist endless creative possibilities.

Glaze Ez Waterproof Sealant

Glaze Ez is a waterproof sealant to keep artwork protected from outdoor elements.

The quick dry water-based emulsion dries rock hard for long lasting waterproof protection.

Glaze Ez can be used on a variety of air dry clay sculpture, ceramics, canvas, cement,  fabric, wood, leather, gourds, metal and other creative projects.

Artzee Liquid Sealer founded in 2014 manufactures Artzee Liquid Sealer, Bronzee Liquid Finish and Glaze Ez Waterproof Sealant for artist worldwide. Our art mediums seal, harden, and finish air dry clay, ceramics, cement, canvas, wood, leather, textiles, fabrics, and metal.

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